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Sales automation is the process of streamlining manual, tedious, time-consuming tasks in the sales process, saving you time and money!

Marketing Automation is a fast growing industry that is built around the rapidly growing marketing technology sector. Years ago, automated marketing would mean being able to send pre-programmed emails or scheduling social media posts; now marketing technology has made it possible for you to build an entire relationship with your prospects or customers in an automated way.

It includes landing pages, marketing workflows and lead nurturing programs, list segmentation, lead scoring, CRM integration and social media automation. With the right technology and the right implementation, this can be a powerful ‘back end’ to your marketing – you drive website visitors with content and traffic strategies, and then the marketing automation kicks in to convert those visitors into sales or sales-ready leads.

Many business owners have revealed that by simply automating their marketing, they have improved their ROI and drastically lowered costs. A better ROI is a result of automated marketing because it allows business owners the time to nurture any leads, which can increase customer numbers. Marketing automation tools can also tell a business owner which campaigns are most efficient, resulting in more capital saved.

How much does sales automation software cost?

The primary sales automation tools usually have 3-4 different levels of budget which vary according to the number of email contacts, the number of users, the number of website visitors and the features required. They usually start at $40 per user a month. Some businesses will invest hundreds of thousands of pounds a year into this technology.

What sales automation tool should I use?

We recommend InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign or HubSpot. These are the tools we use in our own business daily as well as for our current clients. A free analysis of your needs and a discussion will reveal what the best option is for your business venture.

Won't this mean more work?

While it does increase and improve your ability to communicate with your potential customers, it does require work – some companies even hire full time software ‘administrators’ to keep up. This is the benefit of hiring an agency like us – we can reduce the need for this extra work.

How should I do lead nurturing?

There are some lead nurturing best practices, but the best lead nurturing is when it is completely tailored to your buyer personas and the buying cycle/buying journey they go on.

"Most Sales Automation platforms integrate with a CRM system, or even incorporate it in their own system, like Hubspot for example. Integration with a CRM system means that there can be a single view of individual leads and the information that is gathered about them, their business, their situation, and their behavior. This ensures that there can be much closer alignment and visibility between the Sales and Marketing departments. It’s even better if, like a lot of businesses – Sales and Marketing “departments” are the same person!"

Automating Your Digital Sales: 5 Key Areas

There are five specific areas that companies should examine to fully automate their digital sales processes. These key areas outline the components of a successful digital sales management transformation, taking a company from manual processing to automated control.

  1. Automated Marketing Needs Assessments for Client Prospecting: Start generating a meaningful first contact with prospects. Spark conversations with prospective clients with automated marketing needs assessments.
  2. Marketing Automation: Automating marketing outreach is an essential component to building relationships and saving time.
  3. Pipeline Management: Get rid of manual data entry and strengthen communication in your organization by assembling your sales pipeline to be track and manage opportunities within one automated dashboard.
  4. Prospect Monitoring/Lead Tracking: Automatically follow your prospective clients every move and track their engagement with your business in order to appropriately time sales pitches and outreach.
  5. Order Management: Fulfillment teams need a channel to automatically manage/approve sales orders seamlessly without tracking salespeople down for order statuses.


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